asesoramiento vitícola


We truly honor our work in vineyards.
We provide consulting to obtain high-quality grapes
according to the goals of each client.

We give advice in every previous operation to the vineyard establishment. Our purpose is presenting multiple possibilities in every stage in order to ease the decision making according to the economic goal of the company.

• Study and preparation of the field according to planimetry and corresponding soil analysis.

• Selection of the appropriate rootstock to the type of soil and according to the variety to establish.

• Recommendations concerning the elections of the varieties and clones which have better adjustment to the market and its distribution on the field.

• Consulting in establishment: density of ideal plantation according to the type of product to obtain and its possibilities of use. Basal fertilization: how, when and products to make it.

• Consulting in vineyard establishment: trellis system selection to every variety; details for its use.

• Recommendations on planning different work steps together with the corresponding feasibility analysis.

• Consulting and technical support for management of each stage: soil samples, service provider, selection of the material to establish, among others.

It consists on bringing in all the technical details that contribute to get high-quality oenological grapes.

• Consulting on vineyard pruning: pruning system and its best usage according to the intended goal.

• Assistance on soil management.

• Evaluation of possibilities to fertilize in certain types of soils, or apply foliar feeding in certain cases.

• Consulting in thinning aimed at improve the formation of the plant during the first years and preservation of the vineyard through time.

• Canopy management: debudding, defoliation, right moment and best way to do it.

• Water restriction: when and how to do it. Cases in which is not convenient.

• Consulting in thinning aimed to achieve a balanced harvest according to the goal set.

These practices support and contribute to give professional status to decisions. Among the traditional measurings we will find:

• Water control.

• Harvest forecast.

• Trial pit analysis.

• Measurings of irrigation resources in estates.

• Measurings of net area of planting.

• Soil mapping.

• Use of NDVI and satellite images.

asesoramiento enologico


We offer to our clients a wide technical and professional
experience in oenological field.

• Technical contribution during the construction. Selection of the wine tank: sizes, materials, shapes, among others aspects.

• Searching of the best balance between functionality, aesthetics and costs together with other professionals dedicated to the project.

• Assistance in the acquisition of winery materials according to the product to obtain (equipment, machinery, barrels, supplies, others.)

• Consulting in raw material acquisition when necessary.

• Tracking of the vineyard during the stage of grape ripeness.

• Consulting in buying wine supplies.

• Consulting in every winemaking operation, and technological management: grape mill, fermentation, maceration, press and aging.

• Tracking of winemaking process and tasting of wines as the maceration moves forward.

• Regular visits to the winery to schedule the necessary tasks based on tasting and wine analysis: wine transfer, sulphites, refiling, others.

• Assistance in barrel aging.

• Monthly tracking of wines.

• Assistance in all products design.

• Consulting in buying dry supplies (bottles, caps, capsules, boxes, labels, etc.) by means of quality control and based in our experience.

• Preparation of wines for bottling process: stabilizations, adjustments, filtering, etc.

• Some controls in the bottling line that assure the final quality of the product: filling level, sealing, turibidity, level of oxygen, tasting, etc.

• Target market exploration.

• Design of different kind of products.

• Price determination through comparative tastings with wines of the same range.

• Design of data sheet and tasting notes.

laboratorio de analisis


We have the precise equipment to make
routine wine analysis as well as some fine analysis
tending to keep the quality of the raw material and the final product.